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Introducing our wireless smart multi-alerting system, utilizing SUB-1G RF frequency with FCC approval for RF transmission. With a transmission range of up to 1,000 feet in open field direct line of sight, extendable to 600 meters or 2,000 feet by incorporating a signal repeater, this system offers unparalleled reach and reliability.  Radio frequency transmission, operates similarly to how radio waves travel through the air to reach your car radio or smartphone. Just as these waves pass through the atmosphere, they can also penetrate common obstacles found in buildings, such as floors, ceilings, and walls.

Featuring a diverse array of over 20 sensors/transmitters to choose from, users can tailor their setup to suit specific needs and applications. Custom combinations of sensors/transmitters enable versatile functionality, while each sensor can be assigned unique sounds/melodies at the receiver for easy identification.

Our system is designed for seamless interoperability, with all receivers and sensors/transmitters capable of simple pairing. Whether it's configuring your preferred combination of receivers, transmitters, or accessories, the process is user-friendly and conducive to DIY customization.

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