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Giver® Fall Management Monitoring Alarm Kit with Bed Sensor Pad

Giver® Fall Management Monitoring Alarm Kit with Bed Sensor Pad

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Introducing our FCC-approved Fall Management Monitoring Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to provide caregivers and family members with early alerts in residential settings, particularly for the elderly at risk of falls.

Each kit includes a wireless fall monitoring alarm transmitter, a bed weight sensor pad, a hospital-style emergency call button, and a wireless portable vibrating receiver, offering a complete and user-friendly setup for peace of mind. With the flexibility to expand the system by adding other sensors or transmitters, customization is at your fingertips.

Utilizing FCC-approved SUB-1G RF frequency technology, our system ensures wireless transmission with a range of up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight), allowing caregivers to stay connected and responsive. Radio frequency transmission operates by sending signals between devices through electromagnetic waves, enabling seamless communication without the need for physical connections. This means caregivers can monitor their loved ones' movements and respond promptly to any potential risks, providing enhanced safety and support in a residential environment.

The Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm Transmitter (HAX-300) seamlessly integrates with a bed sensor pad to transmit signals to the receiver, triggering audible alerts and flashing lights when the elderly leaves the bed. It features IP 3X water splash-proof design and individual buttons for easy control of functions, including power on/off, transmission, flashlight, and siren alarm. With three operation modes for the sensor pad - Mat, Pad, and +3S - false alarms are minimized, ensuring accurate monitoring.

The Bed Sensor Pad (PSP-PQ3020S1) is easy to use, requiring no setup or battery installation. Its slip-resistant and non-skin-sensitive design prioritizes comfort and safety.  Slip it under the bottom bed sheet, and it will alarm when weight shifts off the bed.

Our Universal Nurse Call Button (UNCB-1) seamlessly plugs into the Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm, offering a temper-resistant design for durability.  It's the same type of nurse call triggers that are used in hospital settings as an emergency call feature for patients.  

The Portable Vibrating RF Receiver (DCX-25) enhances flexibility with the capability to pair up to four different sensors or transmitters. With LED indicator icons for each zone/channel and three selectable operating modes - sound, vibrating, or sound & vibrating - caregivers can choose the most suitable alert method. Its built-in belt clip ensures easy portability.


  • Each set includes essential components: Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm, Bed Sensor Pad, Universal Nurse Call Button, and Portable Vibrating Receiver.
  • Radio frequency: FCC-approved 868MHz or 915MHz (region-dependent)
  • Transmission distance: 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
  • Product dimensions and weights vary for each component.
  • Battery requirements: AAA x 3 for transmitter, AA x 2 for receiver (batteries not included).
  • Battery life: 1 year for transmitter, 3-6 months for receiver (depending on usage).
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃ / 32℉ to 104℉.

Invest in our FCC-approved Fall Management Monitoring Kit today for comprehensive, reliable, and customizable fall detection and alert solutions for your loved ones.

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