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Caregiver HelpCord™ Wireless Emergency Call Button Kit, FCC Approved, Expandable

Caregiver HelpCord™ Wireless Emergency Call Button Kit, FCC Approved, Expandable

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Designed with the utmost convenience and ease of use in mind, the HelpCord™ Wireless Caregiver Call Button Kit provides a seamless solution for calling for assistance when it's needed most. With just a simple press of the button, a wireless signal is immediately transmitted to the receiver, swiftly alerting caregivers or family members to provide prompt support.

What sets the HelpCord™ apart is its simplicity and versatility. The front button press mechanism ensures effortless operation, making it accessible for users of all ages and abilities. Plus, all receivers and transmitters are inter-operable, offering compatibility with our entire range of wireless alert transmitters. This flexibility not only simplifies setup but also ensures enhanced protection for every household.

This unit uses FCC registered and approved Radio Frequency (RF) transmission.  In a residential setting, the integration of radio frequency capability within caregiver alarms revolutionizes the way assistance is summoned and delivered. By harnessing the power of wireless communication, individuals can effortlessly activate call buttons, transmitting signals to strategically placed receivers throughout the home. This innovative technology ensures that caregivers are promptly alerted to any urgent situations, allowing for swift and effective response times. With the convenience of radio frequency, residents can enjoy enhanced mobility and peace of mind, knowing that help is just a button press away, fostering a safer and more supportive living environment.  It doesn't need a subscription or internet connection, and is capable of transmitting through doors, walls, floors and ceilings.

Let's delve into the specifications:

  • Enjoy a wireless transmission range of up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight), providing reliable coverage throughout your home, whether you're in the living room, bedroom, or even outdoors.
  • The wireless call button (SPX-1000) is ergonomically designed to be hand-held, with a convenient lanyard included for easy access and portability. It's lightweight yet durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • The receiver (DCX-25) boasts a built-in belt clip, allowing it to be carried around like a pager for instant response. With the ability to pair with up to 4 transmitters, you can easily expand your system to accommodate additional buttons or other accessories (sold separately), providing even greater peace of mind.

Don't compromise on safety and convenience – invest in the HelpCord™ Wireless Caregiver Call Button from Giver today and experience the reassurance of knowing that help is always within reach, whenever and wherever it's needed most.

HelpCord™ and Giver® are trademarks, used with permission.  All rights reserved.

Expandable :  Optional accessories include additional transmitters, additional receivers, PIR motion detectors, floor mat pressure sensors, door/window open sensors and more.  Each receiver is capable of pairing with four transmitters.

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