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Giver® Alarms

Bathroom Safety Kit with HelpCord™ Rip Cord and Wireless RF Caregiver Receiver

Bathroom Safety Kit with HelpCord™ Rip Cord and Wireless RF Caregiver Receiver

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With the Giver Bathroom Safety Kit, help is just a pull away™.

Step into peace of mind with our Bathroom Safety Kit, designed to ensure your safety and security in the bathroom or any room where you need an emergency alert. 

This product is available for preorder now through with an expected ship date of May 30, 2024.  Quantities of 10 units or more are eligible for a commercial use discount.

At the heart of the system lies our FCC approved Wireless Emergency Pull Station Transmitter (HAX-600), a powerful device that transforms the way you call for help in emergencies. With a simple pull of its HelpCord™ rip cord this transmitter transmits a wireless radio frequency alert signal to the receiver, alerting your caregivers or loved ones to your situation. Gone are the days of struggling to reach assistance – with the Giver Bathroom Safety Kit, help is just a pull away™.

Engineered for durability and versatility, the HAX-600 boasts an IP55 water splash-proof design, ensuring reliable performance even in the damp environment of the bathroom. Whether mounted on the ceiling or side wall, its sleek and unobtrusive design seamlessly integrates into your bathroom decor, providing discreet yet effective safety measures. The 6-foot long pull cord, complete with adjustable length and two ergonomic pull handles, offers ease of use for individuals of all abilities. With a handle that can be triggered by just one finger, activating the transmitter has never been easier or more intuitive.

But the innovation doesn't stop there – our Bathroom Safety Kit is paired with the Portable Vibrating Receiver (DCX-25), a versatile caregiver companion that enhances your safety measures with its advanced features. Pairing seamlessly with up to four different sensors or transmitters, this receiver offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to customize your safety system to suit your specific needs. Equipped with LED indicator icons for each zone or channel, it provides clear and intuitive feedback, ensuring you're always informed of the source of the alert.  It's an FCC approved radio frequency transmitter (RF) capable of penetrating doors, walls and floors/ceilings to reach you throughout the house.  And, it doesn't require WIFI as it's all self contained, and not connected to the internet.  

Choose from three selectable operating modes – sound, vibrating, or a combination of both – to tailor the receiver to your preferences and requirements. With 18 melodies to choose from, you can personalize your alert tone to suit your taste with separate sounds for separate zones, ensuring that you'll never miss an important notification. And with its built-in belt clip, the DCX-25 offers convenient portability, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring your safety and security no matter the circumstances.

Elevate your bathroom safety with the Bathroom Safety Kit – the reliable, innovative solution for peace of mind in any emergency situation. Additional compatible sensors sold separately for motion detection, fall prevention, door/window entry sensors and more.

Giver® and HelpCord™ are trademarks of Giver Alarms.  

Specifications :

  • Radio frequency :  915 MHz medical RF frequency band
  • Transmission distance :  1,000 feet line of site
  • Battery : 12V 23A x 1 (transmitter), AA x 2 (receiver), not included
  • Wall mount kit :  included
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